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The Purpose of the PDQ Bach Memorial Library is to collect and preserve any and all articles, books and recordings by or about PDQ Bach and Peter Schickele including concert reviews, letters, fan sites and comments
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While the University of Southern North Bondi at Sydney doesn't literaly exist being what is normally referred to as a "University of the Mind" the PDQ Bach Memorial Library (or rather the collection therein) certainly does as the following stock-take of items contained therein will reveal:

Stocktake of the PDQ Bach Memorial Library
University of Southern North Bondi
as at
30 June 1999


Online Chat done by Peter at Culturefinder on Dec. 7, 1997
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Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Eighth Edition) revised by Nicolas Slonimsky pg. 1612
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Classical Musicians by Nicolas Slonimsky pg. 1192 (more up to date than the previous entry)
Contemporary American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary (1976) compiled by E. Ruth Anderson pg. 383
Contemporary Musicians Vol. 5 pgs. 150-152. Peter fits in quite nicely between Carole Bayer Sager and The Sex Pistols
The Definitive Biography of PDQ Bach
Culinary Harmony Peter donates a recipe to this book
Happy Birthday Bach
The Lennon Companion Peter contributes a short piece about John Lennon and a round to this book
The Lexicon of Musical Invective Peter wrote the foreword to this book
The Rails I Tote subtitled 45 illustrated spoonerisms to decipher, one of them is by Peter
Unfortunately this book is out of print
International Who's Who in Music and Musicians' Directory
The Guinness Encyclopedia of (Un)Popular Music Vol 5: pg. 3680 right before Lalo Schifrin
The New Grove Dictionary of Opera Vol. 4: pg. 219 between Margarete Schick and Leon Schidlowsky
Thank You Music Lovers A Bio-Discography of Spike Jones and His City Slickers 1941-1965
Peter wrote the foreword to this book